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Rate Assistance Program

The Rate Assistance Program for 2023 is full and no longer taking applications. The program will resume in 2024 with applications being accepted starting in November 2023. This program offers up to $20 off monthly service charges for qualifying applicants.

This program offers rate assistance to seniors ages 62 and older, veterans and low-income households by reducing up to 50% off monthly service charges. Key factors and eligibility requirements of the program:

  • Program is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • All low income property owners and renters are encouraged to apply.
  • Priority is provided to customers who are low-income seniors aged 62 and older and veterans.
  • Must be enrolled in SoCal Edison’s or Southern California Gas’ CARE program AND qualify by income level set forth by the Public Utilities Commission Alternative Rates for Energy occupant-to-income ratio table.
  • Must be a District residential customer with a 1″ or smaller water meter.
  • Must provide required verification and documentation.
  • Must reapply annually and/or each time you move.
  • Must notify the District within thirty (30) days if you become ineligible.
  • Assistance is not transferable with property or applicant.
  • The application acceptance period is November through June.

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